Timro concept store is a place where passion and love for Nepali made products,  lifestyle and homemade foods come together in a total experience.  

Timro Shop in Shop 

Our shop in shop concept gives young designers and Nepalese brands the chance to display and sell there products in a mini warehouse setting.

Timro Cafe 

Enjoy a cup of Nepalese tea or coffee with one of our homemade bakery items or go for one of our refreshing homemade lemonades.

Timro products

Our products are made in collaboration with amazing young designers and brands from Nepal. 

A great place for creative and emerging entrepreneurs, Timro Concept Store provides a storefront and a healthy community for start-ups like us, MUSKAN, who make socially conscious handmade products and are looking to network and collaborate. Beautifully showcasing locally made products with a 'mix-and-match' theme, the store has inspired us to bring out our best. And yes, the pie in the bakery is great!!

- Ansa Sakya, Muskan 

"Timro Concept-store is a wonderful place that gathers the best Nepali designers and brands under one exceptional roof. It is at the epicentre of the fashion and crafts industry in Nepal, showcasing incredible design that you won't find in your typical gift shops. Visitors can find beautifully crafted fair trade products while enjoying fresh mint tea and rose petal cupcakes. By shopping at Timro you are not only supporting local brands and designers but also artisans, many of whom have been dedicated to their craft for generations. All of the products in store are hand made by the people of Nepal. At Timro you'll find new innovative ideas and concepts displayed beautifully in an atmospheric showroom. Dedicated to ethical fashion and accessories, the owner can enthusiastically tell you the unique story of every company in store. She will even offer you some of her legendary homemade pie, which is fast becoming famous in Kathmandu." 
- Hannah Badminton
"Timro concept store has given a great platform to growing organizations like Hattihatti, for whom to open their own outlet would be financially too burdensome. It also has helped for the company's recognition world widely."
- Sunena Sing Shrestha, HATTI HATTI